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How Do I Know What Type of Book Reader’s Are Interested in?

Writing Tips For Finding Inspiration

Not long ago I found a wonderful book – “The Top 10 of Everything 2002” – which listed the world’s best selling books of all time. Want to know what they were?

The top five were the Bible, followed by Quotations from Chairman Mao, The American Spelling Book, Guinness Book of World Records, and The World Almanac.

The next five were a reading book, a child care guide, two inspirational titles, and one fiction book.

Did you notice that the top nine titles offer (a) inspiration, (b) information, or (c) instruction? Let’s face it…life’s pathway is full of rocks, and many of us need all the navigational help we can get!

If you need more evidence for this, just gather a few recent magazines. In the last couple weeks, I’ve found new ways to flatten my stomach, enlarge my brain, recycle my trash, and enhance my hair.

Here’s something else: Lots of us 21st century folks want shortcuts so we can be more efficient, so we’ll have more free time to improve our personal and family lives.

If you’re an expert on saving time, saving money, teaching life skills or improving life quality, this could be the best time to share your knowledge.

Here are five ways to do that:

1. Offer to write a “how-to” article on your specialty for your local newspaper or your industry’s trade magazine.
2. In your article, offer an alternative solution to a common problem.
3. Present new evidence of how your skill can benefit readers.                             Rix Quinn’s awesome book “Words That Stick” offers writing alternatives and ideas. It’s an amazing little book packed with tons of info that should help you out of tons of writing jams. You can order it from
For consultation, Rix can be e-mailed directly at mailto: rixquinn (at)
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4. Offer new hope – Example: Baby boomers are getting older. Can you offer some skill or technique that could improve their lives?
5. Ask “why,” then supply the answer. Example: “I always wondered why I could remember where I left my keys, but couldn’t remember where I left my car.”

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