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5 Things Coca-Cola Can Teach You About Effective Online Marketing

It seems that Coca-Cola, in all it’s bubbly wisdom, focuses on the fundamentals when it comes down to online marketing.

They use five key foundations for the online marketing efforts. Add value. Be transparent. Be consistent and follow through. Be receptive to change. Surprise and delight your customers.

That’s what Linda Cronin, director of media and interactive integrated communications, Sparkling BBU, Coca-Cola North America(now that’s a mouthful), revealed at the sold-out IAB Social Media Marketplace.

Five Foundations For Online Marketing From Coca-Cola

  1. Add value. Bring value into every interaction.
  2. Be transparent. Listen to what your brand owners are saying. You are not your brand owner. You are the steward of your brand.
  3. Be consistent and follow through. Stay on brand strategy and stay true to who you are. Make human connections, which we all share, better and more meaningful.
  4. Be receptive to change. Mix things up to keep it fresh.
  5. Surprise and delight your customers.

Again, keep things interesting and fresh.
Surprise and delight your customers, is pretty heavy corporate speak. In the last management job I had, the company was big on this. But when it came down to it, the customers we’re surprised and delighted if the business could just deliver on its promises. Which is a major problem with today’s companies. Publishers and authors included.

And I’m not sure how much this applies to the actual product for Coca-Cola. Because if I cracked open a can and didn’t get what I expected I’m pretty sure I’d be jumping ship pretty fast. So maybe this applies more for their marketing creatives.

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