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Book Title Tips

What a Pizza Company and Seth Godin Can Teach You About Your Book Cover. “What’s the title of that book again?” You know how many times I’ve heard this? Lots! As a professional bookseller you hear some weird questions but this is tops. The thing I hear most is usually some variation of, “I’m looking […]

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Book Cover Trends – Orange(ish)

The Conspiracy Of The Orange(ish) Book Cover Trend First and foremost I’m a little bit color blind. Which is interesting when you take into account that I was a graphic designer for a little while. Maybe that’s why it was such a short lived career. Now back to the conspiracy. The orange(ish) book cover. Book […]

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Book Marketing Insider Secrets – Pro Bash Programming

Book Marketing Case Study With Chris F.A. Johson author of Pro Bash Programming: Scripting the GNU/Linux Shell. What’s your book about? Programming the Unix shell. The shell is a programming language that is used at the command line as well as in scripts. The same commands that you use at the prompt can be put […]

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Book Marketing Insider Secrets – Evolve

Book Marketing Case Study With Nancy Kilpatrick, editor of Evolve: 23 Vampire Stories of the New Undead. What’s your book about? Evolve is an anthology of vampire stories, edited by me. One that differs from what readers have seen before. My mandate was to have the authors who wrote the stories get a sense of […]

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Book Trailers Reworked

Book Trailers Book trailers either work or they don’t. The problem is defining what you mean by work. I think we all can agree that a book trailer should really do one thing: Sell books! That’s it. If your trying to do something else with it you’ve lost. Sure you can think about your trailer […]

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Book Marketing Insider Secrets – One Week Job Project

Book Marketing Case Study With Deborah Schoeberlein author of Mindful Teaching andTeaching Mindfulness: A Guide for Anyone Who Teaches Anything. What’s your book about? Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness emphasizes how the teacher’s personal familiarity with mindfulness seeds the ground for an education infused with attention, awareness, kindness, empathy, compassion, and gratitude. The book follows […]

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Set Fire To Your Book Sales by Ian Paul Marshall

Book Marketing Trends, Ideas and Inspirations Book Marketing Trends is dedicated to the everyday writer. The person who probably works somewhere to pay the bills, maybe has a couple of kids, and about a hundred dollars that they need to spread around for their book marketing campaign. Book marketing is an evolving craft. What worked […]

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