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Book Trailers Reworked

Book Trailers

Book trailers either work or they don’t. The problem is defining what you mean by work.

I think we all can agree that a book trailer should really do one thing: Sell books!

That’s it. If your trying to do something else with it you’ve lost.

Sure you can think about your trailer going “viral” and getting a million views but what are you doing with those million viewers?

Are they buying your book?
If not…

Are they visiting your website?                                                                            And if they’re on your website are they signing up for your newsletter?

These are the nitty gritty fundamental metrics and measurements to judge when trying to calculate the ROI (return on investment) for your book trailer.
And sure we can talk soft-numbers, like views, forwards and likes. These are great if we’re trying to gauge exposure for our brand.

But when your book has been released and is sitting there on the shelves of bookstores, or on skids in distribution centers you truly care about one thing; Selling more books.
So with that being said here’s six key elements to consider when making your book trailer.

Book Trailer Fundamentals:

  • Target your specific market
  • Engage the viewer early
  • Keep your viewers attention
  • Convey some relevant info about your book
  • Point them to a place to buy your book
  • Include your website link

When I was originally thinking about this post I remembered how much I liked the book trailers for 37signals new book Rework. But after writing this article and breaking out the fundamentals I’ve noticed that they fell short on a couple of fronts.


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