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Book Title Tips

What a Pizza Company and Seth Godin Can Teach You About Your Book Cover.

“What’s the title of that book again?”

You know how many times I’ve heard this?

As a professional bookseller you hear some weird questions but this is tops.
The thing I hear most is usually some variation of, “I’m looking for a book. I can’t remember the book’s title or the name of the author.”
No really it is.

So what can you do as a writer or publisher to avoid this problem?

Choose a book title that gets lodged deep into people brains.
Sort of like a little jingle that they use for Pizza Pizza, Toronto Ontario’s biggest pizza chain, and probably one of our most recognized brands.

Anyone who lives in this province has this little diddy rattling around their brains somewhere, “Nine six seven eleven eleven. Phone pizza pizza hey hey hey.”
It’s burned in there and it’ll never come out.
And when your choosing your book title be sure to try and do the same.

Choose something that sticks in your readers minds. Something that they’ll never forget.
I’ve noticed two major trends in for book titles over the last little while.

Book Title Trends:

  • A single word or two words that pop followed by a descriptive subtitle.
  • A catchy long title that is followed by a descriptive subtitle.
  • Single Word Book Titles That Work

Three of my favorite single word book titles are:
Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers To Persuasion and Captivation
by Sally Hogshead……

I love this books title.
And the cover made me reach out and grab it.
It’s on my list of must reads and will soon be on my book shelf.
Great captivating single word choice for the books title.
The subtitle explains what the books about.

Color of the cover and cover art just grips you.

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?
by Seth Godin

I have to admit that at first I wasn’t really sold on the book cover.
But now I think it’s one of the most iconic book covers of the last couple years.
And even though the books title and sub-title are a little vague, they work.

Curiosity is peaked.
People want to know more.

And somewhere floating around in our sub-conscious minds has to be the need to be indispensable. Especially in these times.
Powerlines: Words That Sell Brands, Grip Fans & Sometimes Change History
by Steve Cone
This books subtitle IMO is the best I’ve ever seen.
When I started to think up the idea for this post this book was first on my mind.
I couldn’t remember the actual subtitle but I definitely remembered the books title.
And now looking at the subtitle again I can see how it hits you on so many levels.
Sell brands: Everyone wants to sell more of their stuff.
Grip fans: Everyone’s looking for a way to engage and captivate our tribe.

Sometimes change history: Admit it, you WANT to change the world. You do don’t you?

Book Title Creation The Take Away
If you’re working on a book’s title then commit to work on it. I mean really work on it.

In this industry it’s make or break. So do everything in your power to give your book an edge over the rest.

Keep a running list of titles you love.

What do you love about them?

How could you slant your own book title like they did?

What kind of book titles are the norm for your audience?

And test your books title!

Not on family and friends.

But do a poll on your website.

Or have a mastermind session with a few people who’s opinion you respect.
Make sure that your book title rocks and you will notice a definite spike in your books sales. And people will actually remember your books title and leave with it in their hands.

Blaze Your Book!

p.s. What are some of your fav. book titles? And how do you brainstorm to come up with a kick-butt book title?


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