25 November - Sunday

  • Forest Cafe Getting to know... the Itinerant Poetry Librarian

    The Itinerant Poetry Librarian has been reaching the parts other libraries have yet to reach, continuously since May 2006, one person, one poem and one book at a time. In this event, she’ll share her adventures (and she’ll be registering more valued patrons throughout the festival in selected venues).
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  • Kingfisher Saturday night, Sunday morning: Vicki Jarrett

    ‘For Beth and Amber, one night on Junction Street is much like any other. In the Deep Sea chippy Beth shovels chips while across the road, in Fantasy Island, Amber spins around a pole in six-inch heels. But this is no ordinary Saturday night…’ Vicki will read from her first novel nothing is heavy. Chips supplied.
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  • Provenance Wines Peter Mackay and Niall O’Gallagher: Two Shades of Gaelic

    A special poetry preview combined with an illicit slice of transgressive Gaelic verse. Niall O’Gallagher treats us to some poems from his debut collection and Peter Mackay lowers the tone with Gaelic verse of an entirely different stripe.
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  • Pulp Fiction Young Adult Fiction: a discussion

    Books for young adults have always asked big questions, and recently, they’ve also been big news, seeding Hollywood franchises and political debates. So why do many of us stop reading them as we get older? YA writers Keith Gray, Daniela Sacerdoti and Roy Gill muse thereupon.
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  • Pulp Fiction Pippa Goldschmidt and Zoe Venditozzi

    Pippa Goldschmidt’s Wider than the Sky, stars a female astronomer who believes she has found evidence contradicting the standard Big Bang theory. Anywhere’s Better Than Here by Zoe Venditozzi tells Laurie’s story: a life going nowhere, a feckless boyfriend and little hope on the horizon. But when she meets an older, mysterious man things veer suddenly out of control…

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  • Lovecrumbs Kirsty Logan and Elaine di Rollo

    Bleakly Hall is Elaine di Rollo’s marvellous second novel: old friends Monty and Ada are reunited by Bleakly Hall Hydropathic. Kirsty Logan’s Rust and Stardust is a dark fairytale about grief, love, and growing up. Roll up, eat cake and hear about the pictures that inspire their words.

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  • Armchair Books Wince!

    Back by popular demand!! Dust down your awful old diaries, crap poems and turgid first chapters and read them in public. Inspired by the ‘Cringe’ nights hosted by Sarah Brown, Cheaper than therapy and there is free ‘courage’ for all participants.
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