Literary Twestival

The world's first Literary Twestival

We have been harnessing the power and popularity of Twitter for literary purposes by setting in motion several games and diverting challenges in which we cordially invite you all to partake. 

Although the Twestival itself is now over, we are still steaming ahead with this project which grows more interesting by the week. Please continue playing our games and we'll let you know if we come up with any more Literary Twestivals or twitter-esque, cultural projects.

If you are still not sure about twitter (It it a bird? A modern inanity?) then that is hardly an insurmountable obstacle. Read on with an open mind, or better still get someone obliging to talk you through twits, twitterati, twestivals and other things that may even begin with another letter of the alphabet. 

Isn't Twitter just about boring everyone with irrelevancies?

Well, Twitter is just like a small piece of paper. In fact, it's very much like a Post-It note and it's really up to you to decide how you fill it. If you choose to fill it with boring things, then it's unlikely we'll use your material because we'll be far too busy snoring. But if you use your imagination, then you're probably getting on the right track. If you can make us smile or gasp we'll be your twitter friend forever.

Southbank Centre at #LitTwest

Some of the best tweets of the Twestival will be immortalised on Global Poetry System, a new project that brings together found and remembered writing from all over the world. Excited by Twestival’s likeminded digital literature mania, GPS visited us from London's Southbank Centre to give West Port a prize position on their literary map.

The Challenges

These are your literary tasks, you Twitterary adventurer! Good luck.

Flash Fiction

Collective Nouns

Pass the Plot

Project Twutenberg

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